Ice maker hookup hose - Dometic Eskimo Ice Remote Ice Crushing System Installation.

Existing: 1/2" galv.

I'll run: 1/2 or 3/4 PEX off of that to feed faucet, ice maker, hose bib.

What I'd prefer is put a tee valve (if such a thing exists) on the horizontal portion of that new branch which would be my shutoff for the icemaker AND the right angle transition to turn up and accept the 1/4" icemaker connection. If that type of right angle, three way valve doesn't exist, then I'd use just a PEX tee fitting to turn up, then need to install a straight valve in the now vertical portion of PEX. This valve would then accept the 1/4" hookup for the icemaker.

The above may not be possible if such fittings don't exist. If not, I could put a simple ball valve in line with the 1/2" horizontal, before the tee for the vertical part to the icemaker. But this vertical part would still need some kind of fitting that is 1/2" PEX one end and 1/4" male on the other end. It's THAT, final fitting that I'm wondering about.

These 1/4" hookup kits are pretty common, right? What is the common fitting that they hook to?

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Ice maker hookup hose

Ice maker hookup hose