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With a mobile home, the prefab house is built on a steel chassis with in-built wheels. The wheels may consist of two sets of 3 pairs of tyres . . more or less . . depending on the length of the mobile home.

So, how do you transport this kind of home on wheels?

You simply hire a truck head, say, 4x4 truck head, 911 truck head, trailer head, or a towing van (depending on the size of the truck) and then connect the towing
mechanism on the truck to the boom of the mobile home chassis. The towing van starts moving and the mobile home follows.

Does building the prefab home on wheels make it easier to move around?

Sure. Especially where the mobile home is used as a mobile office that is constantly on the move (or moves are short intervals or a couple of days in-between).

However, mobile homes cost a bit more that regular transportable prefab houses or manufactured homes because of the extra cost incurred in buying the wheels and
custom built or off-shelf chassis on which the home is built.

So, you need to be aware of this if you're opting for a mobile home instead of transportable prefab cabins (or portacabins).

Looking for mobile home manufacturers ?

You have found one.

Nigeria free mobile dating sites

Nigeria free mobile dating sites